Environmental protection requirements are becoming stricter Decorative hardware to after-sales service

Thu May 26 2022 Janet Tan

        In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards and the further deepening of health awareness, so that consumers no longer blindly pursue low prices.  People should also consider their own safety more while protecting the environment, more and more people are paying attention to the appearance of decorative hardware, wear resistance, use flexibility and other characteristics at the same time, more attention to decorative hardware is not in line with environmental requirements.  

       Seeing that the price war has been unable to last, many businesses put their eyes on after-sales service as a breakthrough.  In the free delivery at the same time, but also provide installation advice and design drawings, send technical personnel to customers' houses for actual mapping, and decorative hardware installation, after-sales problems to follow up, through the improvement of after-sales service ability, further deepen consumer awareness of decorative hardware industry.  

       In recent years, with the development of the real estate market, the increasing amount of housing, decorative hardware industry has also been rapid development.  However, with the increase in the number of enterprises and the gradual saturation of the market, decorative hardware industry is also facing increasingly fierce challenges.  How to stand out in the fierce competition has become the key factor restricting the development of enterprises.  

       As the gradual maturity of adornment hardware, each manufacturer mastered this one skill basically, because this makes the product that gives does not have too much gap on technical content, rely on to win on technology already does not get used to current market environment and consumer demand, manufacturer must find a unique way, seek new development mode.  In the past manufacturers will also spell the price, take the line of low competition.  

      Nowadays, consumers' consumption pattern and consumption psychology have undergone new changes, and low price is no longer the sole purpose of consumers' pursuit.  While protecting the environment, people should also think more about their own safety.  Low-price products will bring consumer doubts, low-price competition can not adapt to the development of the industry. 

Environmental protection requirements are becoming stricter Decorative hardware to after-sales service