Home hardware industry slide building materials furniture hardware transformation is timely

Thu May 26 2022 Janet Tan

Real estate developing rapidly in recent years, which stimulates the development of the building materials industry and market, and shunde leliu formally approved "China household hardware city" title of honor, and to set up the hardware furniture chamber of commerce, the move means, guangdong furniture hardware "yongkang model" basic forming, shunde building materials furniture hardware transformation best time here!  

In recent years, the rising price of raw materials, the increase of labor cost and logistics cost, the financial crisis and so on have become the main factors restricting the development of domestic furniture and hardware industry.  With the rapid development of custom furniture, furniture hardware industry is required to conform to the trend of The Times and attach importance to product quality and innovation in combination with the market situation.  In this case, if the furniture and hardware industry wants to continue to develop, transformation and upgrading is the key to solve the problem.  

As one of the important hardware production bases in China, the company is exploring new modes of regional development in the process of constantly strengthening scientific and technological innovation and accelerating industrial adjustment and upgrading, so as to promote the transformation and upgrading of cities and industries.  The stationing of "Furniture hardware City of China" will be the best help for the transformation and upgrading of shunde furniture hardware enterprises.  

At present, there are 800 manufacturing enterprises of all kinds of household hardware and spare parts in the area, including 16 enterprises with annual output value of more than 100 million yuan, 200 enterprises with scale above, 10 national high-tech enterprises, 50 private science and technology enterprises in Guangdong Province, and 15 enterprises registered as suppliers of the United Nations.  In addition, the building materials industry home hardware industry has 10 scientific research and development centers, 1 product testing center, 1 Chinese well-known trademark, 3 guangdong famous trademark, 6 provincial famous brand products and 4 provincial key cultivation and development of export brands.  In terms of brand creation, we have a number of well-known brand enterprises such as "Dongtai", "Taiming", "Dongrong", "Adams" and "Kingstar".  

Home hardware industry slide building materials furniture hardware transformation is timely