Keep in mind "Look, hear, ask and cut" when buying panel furniture hardware accessories

Thu May 26 2022 Janet Tan

           Board type furniture hardware because the price is moderate, design diversiform, colour is novel, not easy be out of shape and more get young people love.  It is generally made of metal parts connected to boards, including joinery board, wood-based board, particleboard, honeycomb board and so on.  Jiangsu kunshan examines and quarantine bureau wood products and furniture hardware laboratory director Luo Haiqing reminds consumer, keep in mind when hardware of furniture of choose and buy board type "hope hears ask to cut".  

            "Look" edge sealing:  From the edge of the panel furniture metal seal,can see the fineness of the product work, see whether there is uneven edge or warped phenomenon.  Brand panel furniture hardware products, veneer mostly perfect processing, good edge sealing, so that harmful gas diffusion to the lowest.

            "Smell" smell: the free formaldehyde in board type furniture hardware may cause pollution to bedroom air, should open cupboard door or drawer to smell when buying, if have excitant smell, the likelihood is formaldehyde exceeds bid.

             "Ask" connector: to ask the dealer furniture hardware connector connection way, and check the connector, to use the hand to try whether the screw is firm, switch can freely, there is no noise, whether the surface coating peeling etc..  If the eccentric connector, but also to see whether the connector and plate inlaid fine appropriate.

            "Cut" aperture: the board type furniture hardware that sells on the market uses plywood more, can have seam from flank look around board face, if appear aperture, explain craft is handled badly.  The gap of the mobile part such as door seam, drawer seam had better with appropriate, if aperture is big, explain charge for the making of sth. is rough, time grew can be out of shape.

Keep in mind "Look, hear, ask and cut" when buying panel furniture hardware accessories